Tarsu Waterline

Автоматические системы фильтрации с активированным углем

Автоматические системы фильтрации с активированным углем

With Carbon Filtration Systems, all the taste, odor, color, chlorine and chlorine compounds, as well as organic substances, that are or likely to be found in your water, are filtrated. Equipped with fully automated control systems, this device automatically performs required back wash and regeneration processes at certain intervals, as determined by a program that can be configured, without the need for human intervention.


  • Time-controlled backwash
  • The capability to monitor all backwash stages on the digital screen
  • Ability to set all the process manually
  • FRP Tank
  • Easy operation with the automated backwash process without the need for an operator
  • Easy service capability with a single switch
  • Consisting of multi-layered filter media, this system protects successor devices or units enabling a long operating life.

Areas of usage

  • Pre-treatment before Reverse osmosis systems,
  • Food Industry,
  • Medicine & Chemical Industry,
  • Feed water treatment,
  • Brackish (Well) water treatment systems,
  • Surface water treatment systems,
  • Soft water supply,
  • Garden irrigation after Grey water treatment,
  • Treated water supply.